august spotlight on: grace

In the extreme heat of summer in the city, grace can take the simplest forms. Walking past storefronts, grace may be the sudden cool blast of an air-conditioned shop as the door opens. Grace may be the Mr. Softee truck parked on your block at 4pm. Grace may be the occasional opened fire hydrant that you use to cool your hands and flip-flopped feet.

But grace also exists in suffering. Sometimes we forget its presence, but grace is in every experience, even those of loss and pain. Grace exists in moving us forward and out of negative experiences. Eventually, we look back on moments of sorrow with detachment and understanding. Our ability to forge ahead is nothing if not grace.

In the yogic tradition, grace is best understood as mindfulness in the present. If we can truly view each moment as a moment of grace, we begin to realize that struggling isn’t even necessary. Our lives are unfolding day by day in pure perfection. Even this moment of realization is grace.

The Rolling Stones said it best: “You can’t always get what you want; but you find sometimes you get what you need.”


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