september spotlight on: reflection (meditation)

My youngest sister was just dropped off at college for the first time. I’ve been reflecting on what it was like, seven years ago, to be dropped off at Syracuse as a college freshman and all of the extreme emotional combos that came with it (excited/terrified, hopeful/doubtful, receptive/removed). I try and recall how I’ve since changed, how my perspective transformed across my experiences, and how it’s shaped the person I am today. 

And in the following three years since I graduated college, I look at those experiences and how they’ve transpired. We are always changing, moving, transforming, becoming.

September is a month for reflection. It means change for so many of us. This month, take some time to reflect on the past four years of your life, and how that passing of time has changed you. Try to reflect without judging yourself; whether you think you’ve changed for better or for worse is not important and a matter of opinion anyway. 

What was important to you four years ago? Is it still important now? Will it still be important in another four 
years? Reflecting on what was (without judgment) can help give us a new perspective on what is.


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