Monthly Archives: June 2009

june/july spotlight on: escaping

Choosing to focus on escaping as the theme for June and July wasn’t arbitrary. These summer months have long held significance in our society as months of idleness. Who among us hasn’t slipped out of the office to each lunch in the park, and then fails to return to that computer screen for the rest of the day? Think back to the summer days when you were a kid, before you were even old enough for a summer job, and meditate on those feelings for a moment. You felt…hot, lazy, mischievous, lethargic, bored?

The writer Anne Lamott talks about summer in one of her short stories. “Spring is sweet,” she says, “the baby season; summer is the teenage season—too much energy, too much growth and beauty and heat and late nights.” I think summer is the escapist’s season, a season to indulge your inner teenager with long, drawn out daydreams, afternoon naps on a hammock, a sneaky little splash of rum in your lemonade.

With that, I make my summer escape…to Costa Rica. Join me, if you’d like, for a week of surfing and yoga. I’ll see you again in August. Om shanti, and pura vida!