yoga in the news: enlightened athletes

In the midst of the endless excitement of World Cup mania, a quaint little tennis tournament we call Wimbledon is on right now. While admiring the stamina, determination and passion of the world’s finest futbol stars, one can’t help but divert one’s attention to the unbelievable record-breaking, three-day match between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut. Isner eventually topped his French opponent, but what really caught the yoga community’s (and my) attention was his interview in which he reveals his true yogic self in both mind and body. Truly inspiring. This man deserves an ice bath and a sandwich.

John Isner in victory! (Or Utkatasana?)

In other news of athletic feats: Scott Jurek, ultra-marathoner, peace-loving vegan Seattle resident, and possibly one of the best athletes alive, gives us yet another reason to consider a plant-based diet in this interview. I first read about Jurek in Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run, in which he participates in a 50-mile race with the Tarahumara tribe in Mexico. (Add it to your summer reading list). He is also an inspiration, in superhuman form.

easy, light, smooth, fast: an ultra-marathoner's mantra (Tarahumara Arnulfo Quimare with American Scott Jurek)

What do Isner and Jurek have in common? Seems to me they’re both masters of creating their best effort, staying present in the moment, and surrendering the results.


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