wednesday wisdom: postcard wisdom

I bought this postcard at a little bookstore on Valencia in San Francisco: Your heart is a muscle the size of your fist: keep loving, keep fighting.


3 responses to “wednesday wisdom: postcard wisdom

  1. It’s brilliant. Does it come poster-sized?

  2. Hi – I was looking for this postcard – bought one some years ago and now wish I had another because it would be perfect to send to a particular friend. I found your post through google (google is amazing that way…) Can I ask – do you remember which bookstore on Valencia you bought it from? I might have to ask my brother (who lives in Portland!) to purchase one for me the next time he’s in SF. Thanks!

    • Hi: It was either from Dog Eared Books (dogearedbooks.comโ€Ž) or Modern Times (mtbs.comโ€Ž); can’t remember which one, but they’re on the same block on Valencia @ 20th St! Both great bookstores. Hope this helps! SL

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