meatless monday: tofu burgers!


heidi swanson's tofu burgers: a work of art!


Yes, I  know tofu seems to be the easy way out, but people, please: don’t these look amazing?! I’ve read and been inspired by Heidi Swanson’s blog 101 Cookbooks for years now, partly because I secretly envy her fearlessness with unusual ingredients, partly because her photography skills are incredible. Her experimental, easy-going recipes have graced our Thanksgiving table (Autumn millet bake), and our everyday table (vegetarian split pea soup), as well as our treat table (grown-up fig cookies). I particularly like the variations she offers for each recipe and her openness to readers’ comments and experiences with her offerings. For someone with minuscule amounts of cooking confidence, like me, who furiously follows recipes down to the last grain of salt, Heidi’s breezy, informal style has been enlightening and courage-boosting. Enjoy!

Heidi’s tofu burgers


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