meatless monday: the bok choy roundup


It’s not a word I use lightly. Certainly, it’s not a very yogic thing to say. But I say it loud and confidently here: I’m a bok choy hater. No other vegetable stirs up such strong feelings like bok choy. And unfortunately for me, bok choy is prevalent in the early summer Stanton Street CSA offerings, which means we’ll be getting choy for at least the next two months, every week. I guess I’ve got two choices: change my attitude, or feed it to the dog. Unless the leaves are slathered with peanut butter, she’ll be about as enthusiastic as I am.

I turned to Facebook friends to making me a believer. The best of the bunch:

From Elena: Bok Choy tastes like a chard! You could try to do the ribollita!
do you remember it? 😉

(Ribollita is essentially bread soup – what could be better than that? – with greens. I posted a fantastic ribollita recipe a while back here.)

From LeslieI love bok choy. Actually had it last night! I always sautee it w/ garlic cloves, olive oil, and either black bean sauce or oyster sauce. Toss in some mushrooms. Also, baby bok choy is more tender.

From LauraSee if they have SuK CHoY! It’s a more mild version of the bok. As a Chinatown native I have a lot of experience with these veggies…I’ll hook u up 🙂

From Gavin: Cover it in ice cream and chocolate sauce…voila!

From MelOne of my favorite (& most popular) dishes. Saute chopped up Bok Choy in garlic & oil, (it cooks very fast). Then drain xtra firm tofu, cover it w/ sea salt & ground pepper and cook in pan w/ olive oil. It’s delicious. I’ll make it for you some time.

From Meryl:

Then a redaction, from GavinNo wait… Sandwich a piece between momofoku’s chocolate chip cookies!

And from Tom (off point, as usual)No matter what people say, I still believe that “Swiss Chard” is CHEESE.

So. I’m willing to try anything twice. Bok choy tonight. What about you? Your fave bok choy recipes? Share the love and convert me from hater to lover!

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