it’s summer! 8 favorite things

Happy summer solstice, friends! While druids and pagans gather at Stonehenge to celebrate the longest day of the year (and engage in some spontaneous drum circles and drugs), I’m celebrating a few of my favorite solstice-y things with this listicle. Just a few of my favorite summer things…

1. Tan feet.
A long-time passion of mine: tan summer feet. This may have something to do with my rural Oregon childhood, in which my parents allowed their heathen children to clomp around everywhere barefoot — on the lawn, climbing trees, at the lake, riding bikes, at the neighborhood barbecue…

2.  Dresses.
Billowy, long, barely there dresses – like this one from T by Alexander Wang.

3. Iced coffee.
Preferably of the Blue Bottle variety. With a splash of almond milk.

4. Summer produce.
 The Stanton St. CSA delivers, every Thursday, from now til November. Except for this one particular veggie, I’m pretty stoked.

5. Summer reading.
Summer started with revisiting Gatsby, followed up with Shaun Tomson’s memoir/manifesto Surfer’s Code. Next up: Kafka on the Shore, Cloud Atlas, and The Brothers Karamazov.

6. Coconut popsicles.
We’ve been eating the Whole Foods 365 Organic brand like crazy. Tried a wonderful version at the Hester St. Fair a few weeks ago, courtesy of La Newyorkina Mexican ices (sprinkled with cayenne pepper! Genius!). Great, easy homemade recipe here.

7. Traveling.
Europe, the Caribbean, the Hamptons, the Jersey shore, California…traveling is so much better in the summer, no? And when you get lost in Rome (like last summer, above), at least you can find a little corner cafe, sit outside, and have an aperitivo and glass of prosecco without much worry about snowstorms or hats and gloves and puffy jackets. Let’s go!

8. Summer yoga.
Yes, yoga is for all seasons. But there’s something about summer that reenergizes and uplifts my practice. Warm months allow for deeper backbends and heart openers. And outdoor yoga festivals, everywhere you turn! And, lest we forget, yoga retreats in Italy. Which combines #7 with #8. Perfection.


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