meatless monday: what we ate

Yesterday I made it home after 30 hours of a Planes, Trains and Automobiles-like traveling saga that took me from In Sabina, Italy, to the Lower East Side, Manhattan. A wonderful week of meatless eating at In Sabina was, in a word, lovely (this was to become our official word of the week, describing everything from the orange-pink sunsets to the crisp Orvieto whites to the late-morning walks into town). Chef Elide really outdid herself, again. Having a real, organic, sit-down meal every day, and taking the time to eat slowly, intentionally, has inspired me to sit down for every meal, including breakfast, which means no more shoveling Kashi down the hatch while standing over the kitchen sink, half-watching The Today Show.

where we ate: al fresco, with stunning vistas, sunsets, and wine (lots of it)

My student Jean took some lovely (lovely!) pictures of our meals, and she promises to share them when she returns from her post-retreat Italian travels. Until then, some of the most notable meals we had, in listicle form. They’ll likely be attempted in future Meatless Monday posts. Lovely!

– baked polenta  covered in mozzarella, tomato and fresh basil
– eggplant sliced and layered with parmesan, basil, and potato
–  mushroom and spinach quiche
– cannellini bean and black eyed pea salad, with olive oil and fresh herbs
– Italian multigrain bread, toasted, and spread with olive and fig tapenade
– grilled zucchini with homemade hummus
– lentil soup, pureed and topped with warm croutons
– baked tomato stuffed with wild rice and rosemary


One response to “meatless monday: what we ate

  1. Sara- Look for pictures to be coming Sunday! The food at In Sabina was lovely!! Much love! Jean

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