september spotlight on: love

Love is on my mind this month. I suspect this has something to do with the numerous new marriages that we’ve been celebrating recently. Also, the upcoming wedding I’ve been asked to officiate  has made it impossible for me to not think about defining love, which has led to realizations about how we all define it differently. A daunting, humbling task. I’ve scoured many great, ancient yogic texts for definitions of love that could be used in the ceremony. (The bride, a sweet roommate from college, is a yogini who is a ceaseless seeker of truth, meaning, and self-improvement, and who loves the man she’s marrying with a beautiful, child-like heart. A child-like heart, of course, is the best kind of heart!). In this search for love definitions, I knew, openly, that one such definition could not possibly exist. What I can offer, at least for now: a list, “Stuff I Love,” from the simple to the profound, in the hope that the people/things/places we put our stock in reveal a bit more of our truest Self, chipping away at the tarnish, polishing the surface, etc. I love:

Especially of the old, leather-bound, hardback variety, and especially while nestled in blankets on a cold afternoon with a cup of tea.

Crunchy/salty is the texture/taste combo of my choice, and tortilla chips epitomize the very best kind of crunchy/salty.

September means boot season! I love these and these and these and these.

Seriously, this country is amazing. My love was reissued this past August, as I rode the train through Lazio, sighing and gazing dreamily at the hills and villages that passed…

My husband.
This man is amazing: he is patient, empathetic and wise beyond years, skateboards everywhere, resurrects orchids from their shrively deaths, and makes a meal out of Brussels sprouts, Sriracha, Kashi, and a can of Dr. Pepper. He can do anything, including conceptualize, design and manage a really cool coffee shop in the Lower East Side. He is passionate and goofy. He is whip smart and child-like in heart. He is love.

And you? What do you love?


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