happy world vegetarian day!


or peapod? (hint: this october, choose the 'pod).

It’s here, friends! The annual kickoff for Vegetarian Awareness Month (it’s October, did you know that?) starts today. How are you celebrating VAM? Are you celebrating VAM? Did you know you could win some cash prizes from the North American Vegetarian Society if you meat-eaters pledge to go meat-free for the month? Do it!

We’ve all heard about the debate over whether or not vegetarianism is an innate aspect of living a yogic lifestyle. Jennifer Barrett over at Yoga Journal says this:

“Many traditionalists see yoga as being inextricably linked with the meatless path, citing numerous ancient Indian texts to prove their conviction. Others put less stock in centuries-old warnings like “the slaughter of animals obstructs the way to heaven” (from the Dharma Sutras) than in what their bodies have to say. If eating flesh begets health and energy, they argue, it must be the right choice for them–and their yoga.”

Hmm. Interesting. We’ve got all these reasons for going veg, and all these other reasons for not. What about you? Are you meatless for personal or political reasons? Are you “meatful” for health or, simply (and not shamefully) for taste reasons? Share your thoughts!

One response to “happy world vegetarian day!

  1. The piglet is super cute!

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