meatless monday: vegetarian thanksgiving

sorghum sweet potatoes.

“Blessed are the meatless – who remain meatless! – on the meatiest of meaty American holidays of all: Thanksgiving.” (Is that from the Bible, you ask? No, I made it up). I love Thanksgiving and the particularly rich, hearty dishes that come with it. This is a holiday that is all about warmth, on every level possible: the physical warmth that spreads through your belly from red wine and heavy foods laced with cream and butter and spice, the heart warmth of sharing this bounty with people you love and care for, the warmth you get from having your oven on for 10+ hours. So when I’m searching for a meatless Thanksgiving recipe, I’m searching for a dish that doesn’t skimp on warmth, nor does it need to be particularly healthy, or dry, or boring. Feel free to add a little extra cream to my mashed potatoes. And covering those roasted Brussels sprouts with parmesan? Yes, please. See, the vegetarian options at the Thanksgiving table can be the most rich, most exciting, most bursting with flavor items out there. Why do the carnivores think they’re the only ones that get to indulge? The last time I checked, pumpkin cheesecake was meatless.

cajun cornbread casserole.

This is why I’m particularly grateful for a round-up of meatless Thanksgiving recipes on the NYT Well blog. Look at this bountiful harvest of recipes! Chanterelles on toast? Butternut squash cannoli? Creamy onion tart? Risotto with pumpkin, ginger & sage? I’ve written about food porn before. Even if you’re all set with your T-giving ’11 dishes, take a quick peak at these beautiful porny pics.

Sweet readers, I do have a confession, and I feel I need to be honest: our Thanksgiving will not be meatless this year. We’re invited to our friends’ celebration in Williamsburg, and Michael has taken on the responsibility of roasting a turkey we ordered from our CSA. We will also be bringing a large pan of roasted Brussel sprouts, adapted from a David Chang recipe (M roasts them with Dr. Pepper, Sriracha, and Kashi Go-Lean Crunch. Crazy stuff), and I’ll likely make a pie of some kind.

What are your favorite meatless Thanksgiving recipes?

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