15 days (so far) of thankful: an update

old-fashioned milk jug, half filled with thankfuls. november sweetness.

You may remember November as the month of the 30 Days of Thankful Challenge. Today is the 15th, and we’re halfway through! My sweet little milk jug of daily thankful scraps is filling up nicely, and when I see it out of the corner of my eye, I sometimes glance a word or phrase and it warms my soul to remember my blessings. And isn’t that the point?! A few of the highlights:

My own personal yoga practice brings so much joy and a deep sense of peace to my life. I know that when I practice, my practice takes care of me.

The day I wrote this one was the day that a young woman jumped in front of my train at the Delancey Street stop.  We had to evacuate the train by walking on the tracks and up on to the platform, and emergency workers blocked our view and guided us beyond her body. The eerie, sad silence in the packed, rush-hour station was sobering. I don’t know if that woman lived or not; I’m thankful for the chance to live and breathe in this body.

I’ve been enormously grateful for what feels like a recent influx of inspiring, intelligent, motivated, hilarious friends. Some of these people have come into my life because we bond regularly over good coffee in a cool space, some through yoga, some through a running club. We go to dinner and read books and fly in airplanes and take yoga classes together and meet for lunch and wander through food festivals and watch football on Sundays. We plan trips upstate and to tropical places. We love each other by sharing cookies and new nail polish colors. I’m so excited to nurture these relationships and love the richness they bring to my life.

 A self-explanatory moment of happiness. Thanks, Bella dog.

Also self-explanatory.

Husband. Who makes me endless soy lattes every day. Who buys me fancy truffles for no reason at all. Who walks by a shoe store and says, “Hmm, my wife does not have a pair of black suede knee-high wedge boots” and then comes home with a pair of black suede knee-high wedge boots. True story.

So much to be thankful for, today, this week, this month! xx

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