meatless monday: mexi-can and a plan

casa que pasa decor. skulls and colors!

Over our holiday vacation to the west coast we ate a few too many times at Bellingham’s beloved taqueria Casa Que Pasa. Someone coerced me into ordering the potato burrito, which arrived table-side looking like a wet brick and hit my belly just as hard. Why, you ask, would anyone order a POTATO burrito? (Answer: It. Was. Awesome.).


I love love love Mexican food like the fire of a thousand suns. Taquerias, especially of the west coast variety, aren’t known to be super light, or even meatless-friendly (watch those beans, they’re usually cooked in lard). You wouldn’t want to eat a potato burrito and then, say, go to yoga, or a bikini photo shoot. But this Nom! Nom! Nom! Blog recipe assembles hearty grains, nutritious bell peppers, everyone’s favorite healthy fat avocado, and Mexican flavors in a bowl to fill that Mexico-shaped hole in your heart. Which you didn’t know you even had until you moved east.

mexi-can bonita.

 The Nom! Nom! Nom! Blog’s Mexi-Can Plan
2 bell pep­pers, sliced into half-strips
2 cans of black beans, drained and rinsed
13 oz. jar of corn based salsa (if not avail­able com­bine 1 cup of reg­u­lar salsa with 3/4 c. sweet corn)
Grain of your choice (quinoa, brown rice)
Other optional top­pings: vegan sour cream, salsa, crushed tor­tilla chips

Pre­pare grain accord­ing to pack­age directions. In a large pot, sauté bell peppers until fra­grant and slightly soft­ened, about 5 min­. Add beans and corn salsa and mix to com­bine. Cook over medium heat until heated through, about 10 min. Serve with sliced avo­cado and top­pings of your choice. Serves 4.


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