medicine cabinet pirate*: behind the mirror, above the sink

Beauty is only skin deep, they say. Still! That’s reason enough to slather on those creams and serums and gels and elixirs and perform your little rituals morning and night. If not for beauty, do it for health: your epidermis is your largest organ, and your first line of defense against a myriad of disease and filth and free radical-like stuff.

Because I’m all about transparency here, take a peek inside my medicine cabinet, and the products nearest and dearest to my heart (and my face). A quick search of “medicine cabinet” on Pinterest will reveal much prettier, much more organized and enviable cabinets. (Pinterest, you kill me. NOTHING I do is good enough. Nothing.)

{*A big virtual kiss is all yours if you get this reference. You get me. Mwah.}

From L to R:

Face serum. I make this blend myself and use it in place of lotion. It has a lovely, bright scent and quickly absorbs into thirsty skin without leaving any slick oiliness behind. To make, blend following essential oils: 4 tsp. apricot kernel, 3 drops lemon, 3 drops tea tree, 3 drops geranium. Warm a dime-sized amount in palms and apply to clean face and neck. Wait 5 min. before applying makeup or other products.

Rodin olio lusso luxury hair oil. Originally a gift from my friend Laura, and now a medicine cabinet staple. Luxury doesn’t begin to describe it: this stuff goes on dry hair (insane shine), damp hair (flyaway control), or mixed in with your conditioner for a hydrating hair mask. I cherish every drop. Liquid gold. Get thee to a bottle.

Ursa Major face toner. Wash your mug good with your Malin+Goetz grapefruit face cleanser, and then use this on a cotton ball to swipe away all eye makeup. Works like a charm. Lazy people: if you skip the face wash, just use the toner.

Lady Speed Stick. I’ve tried the nature-y versions of deodorant before, including an actual armpit crystal. Never again. Except no substitutes.

Caron eye gel. Great for early morning, pre-coffee puffiness. I’m told to keep it in the fridge for maximum effectiveness, but I know I’d forget about it in there.

Joya Composition No. 6 Roll-On Parfum. My go-to for daytime: earthy and spicy, with top notes of juniper and cypress, base notes of lotus and saffron. Reminds me so much of India.

Floss. Duh.

Bond No. 9 parfum. In two favorite limited edition scents: Sag Harbor (beachy and clean) and I Love New York Father’s Day (floral-y and fresh). These perfumes really have staying power, owing to their super pure ingredients.

Guess for Women eau de parfum. Alright alright, it’s not the most grown-up of fragrances, but I’ve been wearing it since my college days and am devoted to its feminine sweetness. Bergamot, freesia, amber, a little peach…good for date night.

Ashtanga Yoga opening mantra. A trick I learned in college while memorizing hundreds of lines of Italian prose: post it above your sink, recite while teeth-brushing or eyebrow-plucking. It reminds me to practice, to be disciplined, and to dedicate myself to teachers past and present.

Acqua dell’Elba Classica. Speaking of Italian: this cherished bottle was purchased on the island of Elba two summers ago, where we relaxed after leading my yoga retreat. You can see I’m  really savoring the last little bit in that bottle. It’s impossible to find in the States, or even outside of Elba. Any tips? Anyone?

What about you, beautiful? What are the products you can’t live without? 


2 responses to “medicine cabinet pirate*: behind the mirror, above the sink

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  2. Nice medicine cabinet ideas you give for that so thanks for that.

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