meatless monday runday: homemade greek yogurt pops for breakfast

It’s been kinda cool this June in NYC, a cause for complaint for many sun-worshippers, but a breezy 60 degrees is perfect for morning runs in East River Park! Post-run, you’re just hot and sweaty enough to reward your running efforts with what I’m going to call Summer 2012’s Official Breakfast Popsicle: Greek yogurt, berries, a touch of agave. Listen, you don’t even need to have a fancy popsicle mold to make these: get yourself some plastic or paper cups, and when you pour in your popsicle flavors, use an old Chinese takeout chopstick instead of a real popsicle stick. What can I say, I’m avant-garde.

frozen makes it a treat. you’d eat this for breakfast anyway.

Prepare ahead of time (makes about 6 small pops):
1 c. Greek yogurt, any flavor
1 c. berries, your choice (mixed frozen berries is a good one)
1-2 tsp. raw honey or agave nectar, or a touch of raw sugar for sweetness

Mash your berries with a fork to a chunky consistency in a bowl; stir in honey/agave/sugar. In a popsicle mold (or, in my case, a plastic cup), spoon in a dollop of Greek yogurt, followed by a dollop of berry mixture; alternate until your mold is filled. Cover tightly with plastic wrap, stick in a wooden popsicle stick (or, in my case, half of a chopstick). Freeze for at least an hour, enjoy!


One response to “meatless monday runday: homemade greek yogurt pops for breakfast

  1. That looks so good!

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