meatless monday: raw oatmeal



Have you ever tried raw oatmeal? I’m kinda digging it. The Juice Press makes a killer version that includes cashew milk, and that’s what inspired me to do a little raw research and dive into this exciting world of cold-and-quick weekday breakfasts.

I’m not totally sold on the whole raw foods diet, especially in January in the Northeast. Doesn’t really allow for seasonal eating (or hot chocolate). But this recipe is so darn good, and if you plan ahead, you’ve got raw oats for an entire week. Quick, healthy, gluten-free, all that. Totally customizable in that you can top it with whatever you want. I’m going to tweak this recipe just a bit next time: instead of using 7 cups water, I’ll do 4 cups water, 3 cups coconut milk.

Raw Oatmeal
Serves 4-6
Make this on Sunday afternoon, enjoy through Friday.

3 c. raw oat groats, divided
1/2 c. finely ground raw almonds
7 c. pure water, room temperature (or half-and-half with a nut milk of your choice)
3 tbsp. maple syrup
1/4 c. chopped Medjool dates
1/2 tsp. sea salt

In a blender or food processor, blend 1 1/2 c. of the oats until fine. In a large mixing bowl,combine the ground oats with the remaining oats, finely ground almonds, water and nut milk, maple syrup, dates and sea salt, mixing until well combined. Cover and let mixture soak overnight in the refrigerator, at least 12 hours (the less soaking time, the chewier your oats will be). Before serving, strain each helping with a slotted spoon. Add salt, cinnamon, bananas, coconut, apples, whatevs! to taste.


2 responses to “meatless monday: raw oatmeal

  1. This is what I should be eating for breakfast

  2. Glad I found this recipe because I also LOVE the Juice Press oatmeal. This comes very close. I made it last night with cashew milk and ground walnuts, instead of almonds. I added coconut and cinnamon to my serving this morning. It was good, though the texture is not as soft as Juice Press’s. The next time I make it, I’ll implement the following changes: I’ll grind-up a higher percentage of the groats on the theory that the overall texture will be softer; I’ll cut-down on the liquid (maybe 6 cups instead of 7); and I’ll use 4 Tbsp of maple syrup, instead of 3, because I’d like a bit more sweetness. (I believe that JP may use agave instead of maple syrup.) I’ll update you regarding my next batch.

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