beauty beat: the only skincare regimen you’ll ever need. ever.

selfie in the WC, with my face cream and Darth.

selfie in the WC, with my face cream and Darth.

I’ve been a big time believer in making my own serums, lotions, and potions for a long long time now (remember this and this and this?). There’s nothing that a chemically, mass-produced beauty product can do for you that Mother Nature can’t do better, and more safely, and as effectively.

And yet. Sometimes a girl craves a little luxury, luxury that she doesn’t have to create herself. Beautiful packaging. A full skincare regimen of scrub, cleanser, mask, mist, serum, and cream. No mixing and stirring like a mad amateur scientist: instant gratification. The American way.

Enter Red Flower.

I was first introduced to Red Flower in Harmony, the most amazing biodegradable bath products that grace the outdoor showers of The Harmony Hotel in Nosara, Costa Rica. Outdoor showering is my favorite pass-time. When the sun shines on your shoulders and you lather shampoo into your hair while birds are a-chirpin’ and breezes are a-blowin’, and your nostrils fill with jasmine and blood orange and Moroccan rose, something magical happens.

I haven’t tried to recreate an outdoor shower on my fire escape (but don’t think I haven’t thought long and hard about it). And it took years of walking by Red Flower’s adorable little storefront on Prince Street to finally go in, seeking out a magical experience once again. The Nature treatment collection is what I walked out with.

How can a face cream be light as a cloud and as moisture-drenching as a serum? Red Flower’s Arctic Berry Cloud Milk Cream is as creamy and dreamy as Cool Whip but absorbs beautifully, silkily into skin. I’m obsessed with its light, fresh scent (rare cloudberries from Finland pack a nutritional punch to combat hormonal imbalances), not to mention that this miracle hydrator is perfectly suited for all skin types, in all seasons.

I could wax poetic about the other amazeballs products in the Nature collection. We’ll save those for other posts. If you invest in just one RF item, get yourself some Arctic Berry Cloud Milk Cream. You won’t look back.

One response to “beauty beat: the only skincare regimen you’ll ever need. ever.

  1. ❤ Red Flower! This face cream certainly sounds intriguing. Lately, I have been going super crunchy at just removing makeup with sweet almond or coconut oil, then washing my face with manuka honey. It ROCKS.

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