meatless monday: the summer edition



It’s summer. It’s margarita salad season. Get excited.

Summer food is really about assembling vs. actual cooking. Let fresh, beautiful produce take center stage and you don’t need a lot else. All you really need to add for an easy, light, flavorful meatless meal is something from each category:

A big pile of greens
A grain (Israeli couscous, quinoa, orzo)
Something creamy (avocado, goat cheese, feta)
Something tangy (dried cranberries, cherries)
Something crunchy (cashews, sunflower seeds)
A citrusy element (lemon zest, balsamic orange vinaigrette)

Mix it all up. Boom. Dinner.

In case that’s just too non-specific for you, a roundup of other tried-and-true summer yummies:

Israeli couscous with grilled summer squash (via fancyfoodfancy)

Watermelon, mint and feta salad (via myself)

Corn, tomato, pepper salad with cheese tortellini (via Serious Eats)

Grilled pineapple with honey, lime and cinnamon (via SkinnyTaste)

Cilantro salad (via 101cookbooks)

Coconut lime granita (me again)

Top it off with a summer cocktail or a little homemade lemonade. Preferably served in a mason jar. Happy summer. xx


One response to “meatless monday: the summer edition

  1. Thanks for these! Soon I’ll be living in an apt with a legitimate kitchen so it’ll be a lot easier to assemble yummy summer eats (and margaritas).

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