meatless monday: weird food

sara little yoga blog miso
Unless you count dissolving miso paste into a mug of hot water as “cooking,” there has not been much of that in the past year. There has not been high regard (or even much thought given) to Meatless Monday, either. I’d like to change that, eventually. Now is not the time.

Here are some of the meatless things I’ve eaten in the past year.

Miso soup
Miso soup with spinach
Miso soup with Sriracha
Almond milk
Green juice
Quest bars
Popcorn with dried cranberries
Ricecakes with hummus and cucumber
Icelandic skyr (“yogurt”)
Bourbon (in Kentucky)
All the mozzarella (in Italy)
Whatever candy is lying around the office
Fruit cut in half (1/2 banana, 1/2 apple, etc.)
Handfuls of sunflower seeds

This is the Crisis Diet.

Disclaimer: I am not condoning the Crisis Diet by any means, and if you ever had any doubts about my nutrition credentials, this should clear that right up for you. I am merely a medical hobbyist and a total amateur. The world’s worst, in fact. Do not follow this diet.

I did, however, manage to cook something exactly once, worthy of sharing here. Curried Pumpkin Soup. It was fantastic and you can find the recipe here. It requires an actual pumpkin, so be prepared to use knife skills and scoop guts and de-seed and roast. It’s really, really cumbersome.

commuting with pumpkin. also cumbersome.

commuting with pumpkin. also cumbersome.

Rediscovering the joys of Meatless Monday is going to be a process, but one I’m mildly committed to. Here’s to coming back to Normal.

7 responses to “meatless monday: weird food

  1. allison schupak

    Missed u and your blogs! Welcome back👍

    Let’s make a plan soon😘

  2. Hey! it’s laura from YH … i’m glad you’re blogging again! i look forward to your posts on monday and wednesday 🙂 i fell off the blog wagon from a crazy year too, now you’re inspiring me to get back to it! thanks!

    • Thanks, Laura, and hi! Lovely to hear from you. Miss your face a lot. Trying to get back on the blog wagon as well…look forward to seeing your cool posts too. xx

  3. me too!! im glad too!

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