meatless monday: cold comfort and soup club

snow falling on williamsburg.

snow falling on williamsburg, 3:30am.

There is so much goodness in winter. This is convenient to forget, especially when you live in a place that only gets more difficult with slippery sidewalks and a thousand knit layers.

But maybe you have a really good month. You take a 3am Uber ride while snow falls in Brooklyn, having enjoyed an evening of cards and Sour Patch Kids with lovely people. You bundle up on an icy afternoon and are taken on a forced nature hike, a trek that’s equal parts calm (forest) and chaotic (Labs off-leash). There are lots of blankets and some unexpected cuddles, books to be read or ignored when you feel like Netflix. Your mom sends you a box of vitamins because that swipe of NARS blush isn’t fooling anyone, young lady. Winter is an anomaly in that it’s the season of acceptable isolation and hunkering, yet your people, without fail, will come out of the woodwork to take extra good care of you.

singing beach, manchester, ma. a winter's beach is still a beach.

singing beach, manchester, ma. a winter’s beach is still a beach.

The goodness of winter starts with comfort.

That’s why we celebrate The Soup Club Cookbook. My friend Caroline co-authored this really sweet, beautiful book with three women who’ve been delivering magical soups to each other for years. Food sharing is the entire premise of Soup Club: feed your friends. Feed your family. Feed yourself. Start a club, embrace crushed red pepper and make soup with abandon! So goes the manifesto. The enthusiasm is inspiring.

Eyeballing Courtney’s bright orange Carrot Coconut Soup, in terms of meatlessness, as we speak. Also interest is piqued over Caroline’s Tomato-Fennel-Chickpea Soup, which “falls squarely into the ‘…Or Maybe It’s a Sauce’ category.”

welcome to the club.

welcome to the club.

To Courtney, Tina, Caroline and Julie: big love and a huge congrats to you, ladies. I tip my ladle to y’all!


One response to “meatless monday: cold comfort and soup club

  1. Nice winter-scape. 🙂

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