meatless monday: how to eat meatless in syracuse

It’s easy!



– Eat the garlic bread dunked into the famous house tomato sauce at Pastabilities.

– The Carrier Dome (hosting the Cuse v. Duke basketball game this Saturday) boasts all the traditional meat-free concessions you could want: caramel corn, soft pretzels, nachos grande, and Labatt Blue. Valentine’s Day dinner, in the bag.

– Eat all the sides at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que: fried green tomatoes, macaroni salad, mac & cheese, jalapeño cornbread, tomato cucumber salad and fries and barbecue sauce duh.

– Feeling nostalgic for your freshman year dining hall breakfasts? Hit Brockway for some self-serve vanilla frozen yogurt, sprinkle on some Fruity Pebbles.

– When it’s time for a 2am snack, raid the bins Wegman’s for a full-on variety of chocolate covered almonds, sour gummies, sesame twigs, granola, and those really gross sugar-free peppermint chocolate things. You may or may not leave having eaten $15 worth of bin food without paying for it. College.

Salt potatoes!

– The cheapest pitchers on the Hill at Chuck’s.

(If it wasn’t clear already: reliving college this weekend.)


2 responses to “meatless monday: how to eat meatless in syracuse

  1. Strong Hearts!!! Mello Velo!!! Those are the best!

  2. Gahhh I forgot all about Strong Hearts! Haven’t tried Mello Velo…will have to check it out, thank you! x

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