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wednesday wisdom: it’s earth day, and we’re still on that plant porn kick

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the ny botanical garden, magnolia trees, perfect saturday afternoon.

Come slowly – Eden! (205)

Come slowly – Eden!
Lips unused to Thee –
Bashful – sip thy Jessamines –
As the fainting Bee –

Reaching late his flower,
Round her chamber hums –
Counts his nectars –
Enters – and is lost in Balms.

Emily Dickinson

{p.s. it’s National Poetry Month. we’re celebrating. xxS}
{p.p.s. the New York Botanical Garden got in on that, too}


meatless monday: cold days, caribbean heat

via @batteryharrisnyc

via @batteryharrisnyc

If on a winter’s afternoon you find yourself schlepping through (another) Williamsburg snowstorm and you end up at Battery Harris with a friend: take heart. You’re about to get warm.

Because: everything at Battery Harris is spicy Caribbean perfection.

Start with a Bloody Mary. So much horseradish.

If it’s brunch: don’t pass up the Swedish pancakes, served with ridiculously rich rum-infused syrup. Goad your Brunch Buddy into getting the vegetarian baked eggs so you can split the sweet and the savory. Sharing is caring.

pancakes with rum-infused syrup + star anise ice cream, via instagram.

pancakes with rum-infused syrup + star anise ice cream, via instagram.

If it’s supper: I’m telling you, Rastafarian-inspired ital stew blends all the heartiest, most beautiful vegetables with a coconut yogurt and tops it with charred tomatoes. So much smoky warmth, so much soul satisfaction.

Don’t forget the jerk-dusted fries or a filling Jamaican patty stuffed with curried veggies. Dunk that sucker straight into jerk sauce. Extra napkins, please.

ital stew. "ital" derived from "vital," meaning: vegetarian, unprocessed, of the earth.

ital stew. “ital” derived from “vital,” meaning: vegetarian, unprocessed, of the earth.

Special note: if you’re taking a breather from Meatless Monday menus, the innocent-seeming Caesar salad will straight-up slay you. Raw habaneros and the saltiest anchovies set against the backdrop of crunchy greens and the most special Caesar dressing. Almost unbearable heat. Almost.

But. As Brunch Buddy and I might say, while toasting the endless New York winter: Caes the day.

meatless monday: eggs for days

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If you happen to have a long weekend in New York City and you decide, “Say, you guys: this is the weekend that I’m going to try all the eggs,” here’s where you should go and what you should eat:

The stunning Pepper Boy egg sandwich from Egg Shop. Soft scrambled eggs that melt like butter in your mouth (hold the bacon, you heathen!)

Eggs Rothko from egg. Grafton cheddar and Amy’s brioche. A work of art.

Extra Fancy‘s Breakfast Sandwich (pork sausage not necessary when you’ve got tomato jam and a side of SWEET POTATO FRIES).

Pizza al’uovo. Fior di latte meets basil meets pecorino chili oil and farm fresh fried eggs at Motorino. Yep.

All meals can (and should) be enjoyed with a Bloody Mary and as much hot sauce as you can handle.

meatless monday: how to eat meatless in syracuse

It’s easy!



– Eat the garlic bread dunked into the famous house tomato sauce at Pastabilities.

– The Carrier Dome (hosting the Cuse v. Duke basketball game this Saturday) boasts all the traditional meat-free concessions you could want: caramel corn, soft pretzels, nachos grande, and Labatt Blue. Valentine’s Day dinner, in the bag.

– Eat all the sides at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que: fried green tomatoes, macaroni salad, mac & cheese, jalapeño cornbread, tomato cucumber salad and fries and barbecue sauce duh.

– Feeling nostalgic for your freshman year dining hall breakfasts? Hit Brockway for some self-serve vanilla frozen yogurt, sprinkle on some Fruity Pebbles.

– When it’s time for a 2am snack, raid the bins Wegman’s for a full-on variety of chocolate covered almonds, sour gummies, sesame twigs, granola, and those really gross sugar-free peppermint chocolate things. You may or may not leave having eaten $15 worth of bin food without paying for it. College.

Salt potatoes!

– The cheapest pitchers on the Hill at Chuck’s.

(If it wasn’t clear already: reliving college this weekend.)

wednesday wisdom: the best journeys

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(revisiting 180 degrees south last night. a gentle reminder of adventures yet to come. xxS).

meatless monday: cold comfort and soup club

snow falling on williamsburg.

snow falling on williamsburg, 3:30am.

There is so much goodness in winter. This is convenient to forget, especially when you live in a place that only gets more difficult with slippery sidewalks and a thousand knit layers.

But maybe you have a really good month. You take a 3am Uber ride while snow falls in Brooklyn, having enjoyed an evening of cards and Sour Patch Kids with lovely people. You bundle up on an icy afternoon and are taken on a forced nature hike, a trek that’s equal parts calm (forest) and chaotic (Labs off-leash). There are lots of blankets and some unexpected cuddles, books to be read or ignored when you feel like Netflix. Your mom sends you a box of vitamins because that swipe of NARS blush isn’t fooling anyone, young lady. Winter is an anomaly in that it’s the season of acceptable isolation and hunkering, yet your people, without fail, will come out of the woodwork to take extra good care of you.

singing beach, manchester, ma. a winter's beach is still a beach.

singing beach, manchester, ma. a winter’s beach is still a beach.

The goodness of winter starts with comfort.

That’s why we celebrate The Soup Club Cookbook. My friend Caroline co-authored this really sweet, beautiful book with three women who’ve been delivering magical soups to each other for years. Food sharing is the entire premise of Soup Club: feed your friends. Feed your family. Feed yourself. Start a club, embrace crushed red pepper and make soup with abandon! So goes the manifesto. The enthusiasm is inspiring.

Eyeballing Courtney’s bright orange Carrot Coconut Soup, in terms of meatlessness, as we speak. Also interest is piqued over Caroline’s Tomato-Fennel-Chickpea Soup, which “falls squarely into the ‘…Or Maybe It’s a Sauce’ category.”

welcome to the club.

welcome to the club.

To Courtney, Tina, Caroline and Julie: big love and a huge congrats to you, ladies. I tip my ladle to y’all!

august wisdom: a little rest…



Friends. You might have noticed a certain someone falling off the blog bandwagon lately. It’s no accident. Things got busy. Hectic. I’m tired. I’m taking a little break for the remainder of summer’s laziest, hottest, nap-worthiest month. A Ferragosto, if you will.

I’ll see you back in September for the usuals: Spotlights On. Meatlessness. Wisdoms. Our Chakra study will continue. More insights will be had. Congress will resume. Life will continue.

In the meantime, be inspired by these beautiful images from Pinterest, a collection of summer sleeping. Big love (and big naps) to y’all.

xx, S



italian summer love, a series by greg miller for trunk magazine.

primo amore, part of a series by greg miller for trunk magazine.



elizabeth taylor naps on set of suddenly, last summer.

elizabeth taylor naps on set of suddenly, last summer.