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meatless monday: try this, this and this

via vogue.com

via vogue.com

wear this: a fresh pair of jeans.

via aloha.com

via aloha.com

make this: raw superfood bites.

matcha latte, some succulents, matcha bar, brooklyn.

matcha latte, some succulents, matcha bar, brooklyn.

drink this: a matcha latte. earthy, soothing, healthy. from matcha bar in williamsburg.


meatless monday: 3 meatless things for the week ahead

sara little yoga blog nyc odessa
“Grow” by Odessa. Sweet voice, sweet song, especially in the context of spring’s floral awakening.
Listen here.

sara little yoga blog nyc reverse warrior
Reverse Warrior
. Studio-to-street yogawear with peaceful undertones and 20% of its proceeds going to the Prison Yoga Project and the Veteran’s Yoga Project.
Buy here.

sara little yoga blog nyc super soft heroes
Super Soft Heroes.” A Norwegian cartoonist creates a coloring book for her young son after he says he won’t cry because Spiderman doesn’t cry:

“Boys learn from their role models… [w]hen my three year old son stopped crying because none of his heroes do, I had to take action because I think this is (excuse me) bullshit. I decided to draw ten soft super heroes and then strong princesses, just to give the kids some alternatives.”

Humanizing heroes. Download here.

meatless monday: food sharing

via lucurates.com

via lucurates.com

No time for recipe-ing. Only time for image (and food) sharing.

(Lovely photo via Lu Curates; visit for more goodness).

meatless monday: the best cookie in the world

Fwd: How I fell in love with the world’s greatest cookie | Public Radio International

I saw this article and because it’s set in Brooklyn, I couldn’t help but think of you. Please go find this place and buy a cookie. Then, send me a review. I have to know if its as good as they claim!!

Love you lots,

That’s an email from a longtime childhood friend. Yesterday I decided to make all of her wildest dreams come true, and took pilgrimage to Beaner Bar on Graham Ave. It was so windy and not warm and a 2-mile journey by foot so I was desperate for both the world’s best cookie and a hot drink.

beaner bar.

beaner bar.

We all have pretty stringent requirements for what makes a cookie the best in the world, right? I think most of us can agree on a few things:

A cookie must have both crunchy and chewy components.
The quality of chocolate used (and yes, chocolate is required) must be high and mustn’t be overlooked.
Texture, texture, texture.
And finally: and element of flavor interest, i.e. sea salt, a smack of spice or a subtle undertone of…something.

So was Beaner Bar’s Best Cookie in the World–a pretty golden treat studded generously with rich, chocolatey discs, laced with surprise kicks of cayenne and cardamom, and finished with sea salt–just that?

I have to say: it was prett-ay, prett-ay, prett-ay, pretty good. It’s also worth saying: I got the very last one from the jar.

This kind of statement making, though, is not to be taken lightly and will require a second visit. If not for the cookie, then definitely for round 2 of the outstanding Mexican Mocha: Counter Culture espresso, hand-ground chocolate spiked with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cayenne, steamed milk and garnished with a cinnamon stick.

So tell me: what’s the best cookie in the world?

meatless monday: cold days, caribbean heat

via @batteryharrisnyc

via @batteryharrisnyc

If on a winter’s afternoon you find yourself schlepping through (another) Williamsburg snowstorm and you end up at Battery Harris with a friend: take heart. You’re about to get warm.

Because: everything at Battery Harris is spicy Caribbean perfection.

Start with a Bloody Mary. So much horseradish.

If it’s brunch: don’t pass up the Swedish pancakes, served with ridiculously rich rum-infused syrup. Goad your Brunch Buddy into getting the vegetarian baked eggs so you can split the sweet and the savory. Sharing is caring.

pancakes with rum-infused syrup + star anise ice cream, via instagram.

pancakes with rum-infused syrup + star anise ice cream, via instagram.

If it’s supper: I’m telling you, Rastafarian-inspired ital stew blends all the heartiest, most beautiful vegetables with a coconut yogurt and tops it with charred tomatoes. So much smoky warmth, so much soul satisfaction.

Don’t forget the jerk-dusted fries or a filling Jamaican patty stuffed with curried veggies. Dunk that sucker straight into jerk sauce. Extra napkins, please.

ital stew. "ital" derived from "vital," meaning: vegetarian, unprocessed, of the earth.

ital stew. “ital” derived from “vital,” meaning: vegetarian, unprocessed, of the earth.

Special note: if you’re taking a breather from Meatless Monday menus, the innocent-seeming Caesar salad will straight-up slay you. Raw habaneros and the saltiest anchovies set against the backdrop of crunchy greens and the most special Caesar dressing. Almost unbearable heat. Almost.

But. As Brunch Buddy and I might say, while toasting the endless New York winter: Caes the day.

meatless monday: eggs for days

sara little yoga blog nyc egg
If you happen to have a long weekend in New York City and you decide, “Say, you guys: this is the weekend that I’m going to try all the eggs,” here’s where you should go and what you should eat:

The stunning Pepper Boy egg sandwich from Egg Shop. Soft scrambled eggs that melt like butter in your mouth (hold the bacon, you heathen!)

Eggs Rothko from egg. Grafton cheddar and Amy’s brioche. A work of art.

Extra Fancy‘s Breakfast Sandwich (pork sausage not necessary when you’ve got tomato jam and a side of SWEET POTATO FRIES).

Pizza al’uovo. Fior di latte meets basil meets pecorino chili oil and farm fresh fried eggs at Motorino. Yep.

All meals can (and should) be enjoyed with a Bloody Mary and as much hot sauce as you can handle.

meatless monday: a new miso

photo by tina leigh, via aloha.com

photo by tina leigh, via aloha.com

Miso soup has been a big deal around here these days (remember: it’s not so much “cooking” as it is stirring a glob of miso paste into hot water), so when I stumbled upon this very pretty and alluring take on an old favorite, I was instantly intrigued. It looks like cream of broccoli, but with a miso base instead of a cream one!

The recipe (over at Aloha.com) calls for chickpea miso, which I’ve never tried but sounds nice. I would be curious to try it with my paste of choice, Miso Master Organic Brown Rice Miso (so salty, so satisfying).

Who wants to try it? And then deliver it to me?